Blog 9

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” This quote is important to my semester in Propel because I believe taking risks is what Propel is all about. The first risk most of us took was leaving our home school and friends behind. Throughout the creation of our projects, we are constantly trying new things. It’s important to step out of your comfort zone. I’m a strong believer that everyone should take one risk a day even if it scares you. In my opinion, all of us in Propel are risk takers. This semester, I’ve definitely avoided the risk of doing nothing, by taking a chance and joining Propel.

Throughout Propel, I’ve had the chance to create something I’ve only ever dreamt of. I’ve started my own sweet table company, Tabletop Sweets. When you book an event with Tabletop Sweets, I will sit down with the clients and create a custom sweet table to meet any needs and expectations they may have (allergies or dietary restrictions included). My design process will start with an inspiration. This could be the client’s wedding colour, the gender of the client’s baby (for baby showers), theme of the party or holiday, etc. I will then work to create a menu and a cake for the client. On the day of the event, I will also take care of the set up and the take down/cleanup of the table. They won’t have to worry about their sweet table and will be able to focus on other aspects of their event.

One major skill I will take away from my semester at Propel is how much my writing skills have improved. I believe between progress reports and blogs I’ve had the chance to work on my writing skills and with the help of my peers and teachers, I’ve received feedback that I’ve used to improve all aspects of my writing. Peer editing was strongly encouraged all semester from our teachers. Prior to Propel, I often overlooked this step before handing in my work. Now, before I hand in any assignment I take my time to get others to read my work and get     opinions and tips to make it better. Secondly, I believe I’ve become more confident in public speaking. Through the many oral presentations we’ve done, I’ve learned many tricks to be confident and give a strong public presentation. We have learnt 21st century skills, also known as the 6 C’s in Propel. Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character, Citizenship, Collaboration and Communication are six things that we’ve applied in all of the field trips or volunteer outings. In our blogs or writing pieces, it always seem to go back and touch on these six words.

My project, like most things had it’s up and downs but none the less it has been a great success. First off I have gorgeous business cards and post cards that I am very proud of. I have also been able to get one of biggest inspirations as my mentor. Jenna Illchuk owner of Jenna Rae Cakes, has accepted my proposal to meet with her. I’m beyond ecstatic for this opportunity. Finally I’ve also successfully created a platform for my business to get up and running as an actual business.

One of the struggles I’ve faced this semester has been, missing thirdly weeks of school for the Germany student exchange. Missing this much school has required me to work hard and fast. Through this, I improved my work ethic by being able to create quality work at a faster pace. It had also forced me to cut creating a web page for Tabletop Sweets out of my plans for this semester. With only a few days left of Propel I didn’t think it would be possible for me to create a website. Dawson and Artisan Media Solutions have recently agreed to build a website for Tabletop Sweets with my detailed input and I’m grateful for his help on this project.

If I had the chance to redo my semester knowing what I know now, I would plan my time better and I would have completed more of my work before I left for my trip. A few weeks ago I attempted to bake different desserts in the school kitchen with the goal to take these desserts to a photography studio and create a business portfolio. I say attempted instead of completed because without being in my own kitchen and in my own environment I couldn’t get into a good place to produce work that I was proud of. Therefore, I was not able to complete a business portfolio. After Propel if I decide to continue with my Tabletop Sweets, creating a business portfolio will definitely be one of the first things on my agenda.

Reflecting back on my semester in Propel, I’ve participated in a variety of different activities. One of my favorite activities being Tigers Den. In Tigers Den we used many of our 6 C’s. We worked with people who we had never met before and created something amazing. Throughout the day we collaborated, thought critically, communicated and used character and creativity.

Another opportunity we had, was to participate in Centrallia. Centrallia is a great event put on by the World Trade Center of Winnipeg. Mr. Magnifico helped me get into. Under the guidance of Mr. Magnifico and his career class this semester, I’ve been able to get a clearer understanding of not only myself, but of my future. Like most teenagers, at this age we’re usually all over the place when questioned about our future plans. The career development class and MyBlueprint have made planning for my future just a little bit easier.

Looking forward towards my future, I believe my semester at Propel will benefit me greatly. I’ve learnt some great skills (such as the 6 C’s) that I will be able to carry on and apply to the rest of my life. This summer after finishing Propel, I will have to make a decision whether financing Tabletop Sweets and investing my time into my business is something I want to continue. I now also have an amazing network connection with one of my biggest mentors in life, Jenna Rae.

Propel has given all of us new opportunities, chances to express ourselves and be creative. It has also helped me gain important knowledge about myself and help me make decisions about my future. Overall I’m very thankful I took a risk and left my home school to try a program I had minimal knowledge about prior to joining. This program turned out to be one of the most influential and beneficial things I’ve ever done.

There is only 6 more days of school and here I am, writing my last blog. Its been an amazing semester and I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs.

Until the next time,





Blog 8

I can’t believe this semester is coming to an end. It feels like just yesterday we were deciding what to do for our projects. Now we’re wrapping up things and getting ready for our final presentations.

I’ve been really busy since I’ve been back from my trip with project work and catching up on other assignments. I’ve been working on lots of stuff for my business such as, a budget sheet and working out costs. I’ve also been working on ways to advertise for Tabletop Sweets. I’ve decided that with time constraints, I need to postpone making a website until after Propel.

In the next 2 weeks I plan to finalize everything for my business and work on my final presentation which will be June 15th at 7:00pm.

Haley Wach

Blog 7


(Germany week 2)

Each day in Germany I learn more and more. This trip is truly unique because I’m learning and living a completely different way of life. I’ve also slowly been learning more German words. It’s a huge struggle trying to communicate with people who don’t speak English.

I’ve done so many neat things on this trip, this week we went on a city tour by train, bus and by boat. We also visited a small town in Germany called Lübeck, which is a gorgeous little town with many cool things to see, places to shop and restaurants. I went to Berlin on the weekend. The highlight of my Berlin trip was visiting the Berlin wall and walking along the east side gallery. (Pictured below)

Sam has informed me that my business cards have arrived and that they look great. I’m very excited to see them when I get back. I’m anxious to return to Winnipeg to continue on my project in Propel. I’ve started to create a plan of things I need to do for my business. One of the things I’ve begun to do, is write a letter to Jenna Rae from Jenna Rae Cakes. I hope to be able to get in contact with her by the end of this month.

Haley Wach



Blog 6

(Germany week 1)

Hello from Hamburg!

It’s been a crazy week getting settled into a new lifestyle in Europe. It’s been a very unique and amazing experience so far, but we have all had our little struggles. One of the biggest being the language barrier. Many of the German people barely speak English or speak none at all.

I have definitely started to miss my family and friends as well as all of my classmates. A huge difference between Germany and Canada has been the school. The school we are attending “Schule Bergstedt” is very strict and I’ve started to appreciate the freedom and trust our teachers have given us at Propel. Here, cell phones and most technology is forbidden and there are less than 30 computers in the school. Students are also not allowed to leave school property after they arrive, until all their classes are done.

We’ve done many exciting things in Germany such as visiting the chocoversum (a chocolate factory), visited the Hamburg port and the harbor (pictured below). In Germany there’s a bakery on every street corner therefor I’ve been able to sample many new foods and desserts (aka research). My favorite food I’ve tried is a mix between a cinnamon bun and a croissant called a franzbröchen.

Tschüss !!!

Haley Wach



Blog 5

The time has come, spring break is finally here! On Sunday my family and I will fly to Arizona. We will be spending 5 days in Tucson, Arizona, then we be driving into Phoenix, Arizona. I’m going to stay there for 2 days and then fly home, while my family remains in Arizona for another week.

You’re probably wondering why I’m departing from Arizona earlier than the rest of family. I’m going on a student exchange to Germany! A day after I return from Arizona I will be flying to Hamburg, Germany with 15 other students for 21 days. I’m extremely excited to be going on this incredible opportunity.

This past week in Propel I’ve continued to advance in my business. My business cards have been ordered through Vista Print (photo below).  I’ve also come up with a slogan with the help of my classmates, “Making events sweet, one table at a time”. I’ve also created a Facebook and a Instagram account for Tabletop Sweets.

While in Germany I plan to keep working on my business and I will also be updating my blog about my experiences on my trip. The next time I update my blog I will most likely be in Germany! So please continue to read my blog

Haley Wach

buisness cards


Blog 4

Last Thursday, the propel students went to Tigers Den at the LRSD board office. It was a great opportunity and I had lots of fun. Tigers Den is a playoff of the popular TV show “Dragons Den”. At first I was very shy and no one in my group was talking or collaborating but after a few minutes of awkward silence we started collaborating and working as a team. The role that I played on our team was marketing executive and customer service specialist.

The idea for our product/business was a reusable, portable, flexible whiteboard. It was a product geared towards; teachers, students, travellers and business people. This idea ended up placing 3rd out of 11 other teams. My team worked very well together and I’m really glad I got to work with these people.

Overall tigers den was a great event and I’m glad I participated.

Next week I will be leaving for Arizona. I’m very excited to relax and spend time with my family.

Until next time,

Haley Wach

Blog 3

This past week in Propel has been quite busy. Monday we started with a presentation from MADD about impaired driving. I enjoy getting presentations like this at school because it’s very insightful and I always learn something.

I will be spending a few days as head makeup artist at MTYP with my home school for our school musical “Clandestine.” Last year I also participated as a makeup artist in the musical. It was a lot of fun and I learnt a ton about makeup. It’s neat to see what goes on behind the scenes at a performance. There is definitely lots of drama and stress behind the curtain. Starting on Wednesday, Collège Béliveau will be putting on two shows a day until Friday.

Wednesday we went to the WAG. While we were there, we got the chance to admire the art and sculptures from ancient Rome and Greece. Another thing we did was make our own pottery.

Thursday and Friday I’ve started to create a business plan and decided to call my company “Tabletop Sweets”. My next step after the business plan will be to create social media accounts for my company and get business cards printed.

Haley Wach